Project Objectives and Goals

Through the medium of Celebrating Culture through Story-telling I aim to:

1. Deliver a series of lessons to three groups of children, three times a week throughout the duration of my visit, focusing on teaching children skills in creative writing, reading and speaking and listening.

2. Work practically with teachers in the classroom, focusing on their statutory curriculum and how creativity could be used to enhance it.

3. Provide a link between the children in St Hugh’s and Chikhale school by setting up a Penpal Project

How do I hope to achieve my goals?

1. My work with the groups of children will be carefully documented. This will include written work and video recordings from the children before, during and after the project. Children will learn about stories from their own and other cultures, drama strategies will be used as a medium to enhance learning. Children will learn to record stories from their own cultures in a narrative form, they will then learn to write these in the form of a play. Finally children will have the opportunity to act, direct and perform in stories from their own and other cultures. I hope that by the end of the project the children will have developed their creative writing skills, their ability and interest in reading and their speaking and listening skills. Furthermore, I would hope that children develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and aspirations for the future. All the lessons I teach will be open for any teacher to observe or participate in.

2. Teachers in Malawi are given a statuary curriculum that they will not have the power or autonomy to change. By working practically with teachers in the classroom, through a process of observation, delivering lessons and team-teaching, I hope to demonstrate how creative tools can be used to lift any curriculum. I aim to offer a practical toolbox of ideas, that once I have left teachers can still utilise, hopefully inspiring and making teaching and learning more fun!

3. Through the Penpal Project, children will have the opportunity to have direct contact with somebody from a totally different country and culture. As well as providing a meaningful experience which will aid the development of writing skills, this opportunity should also lead to a greater appreciation of culture, difference and similarities in life.


2 Responses to Project Objectives and Goals

  1. Paul Bolton says:

    Good luck with the project in Malawi. I am full of admiration for both your spirit of adventure and the aims of your project. Please do keep me posted.

  2. Tom Southerton says:

    Excellent project Katie! Thanks for sharing your experience with us on this blog.

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