Thank you everybody who has donated money, time and resources towards the development of sustainability of education in Malawi. Every penny that has been donated will go directly to the cause, hopefully building teacher’s house on site at Chikhale school and providing meaningful educational resources.

From my first visit to Malawi, it was clear to see that due to lack of government resources, education is seriously underfunded. During the first lesson we observed, I watched 3 children sit at the back of a class and share a pencil 2 inches long. As well as a huge absence of educational resources, school buildings are often dilapidated and not enough accommodation for teachers exists on site.

Since returning to England friends, family and work colleagues have been fundamental, incredibly supportive and very generous in helping me raise over £2000, all of which is being used to help develop education in Malawi. £500 has been put into an account with the Dedza Education District for Chimwankhuku school, the money was requested to help develop the school’s building. The remainder of the money and any more raised will be used to support education in Chikhale school.


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