Not long now!

“Ermmm….. You know this school in Malawi? Do you think they may like me to do a teaching project out there?”  the words fell out of my mouth.

“Yes!” Stu replied. And that was it, that was all I needed.

A year and a half later, here I am with just over a week to go before I fly.  Feeling more human-pin-cushion than human-being, I’m ready… I think!!!

I’m inoculated up to the max, I have a plan, I’m expected both in school and in lodgings, I’ve got the coolest giganta books ever for my story-telling project and I’m dead dead excited!!!

Despite only going away for 4 months, I’m milking it this week with farewell camping trips, meals out and general fun-ness. I’m not looking forward to the moment when I actually have to pack. Thank you everybody who has donated so many resources, it is really appreciated, but now I’m actually going to have to lug the whole lot across Malawi, on bus…. It’s that or pay £150 in a taxi, no thanks!

I’m going to miss everybody, my friends, family, work colleagues , kids at school and especially my lovely boyfriend. I know it’s going to be hard being away for 4 months, but something of an opportunity that feels really important to me.

I’ve put quite a lot of thought into this project, all explained in detail on the pages in the navigation bar. Having a plan and doing something meaningful is imperative to me, yet I realise what may happen could be different to what I ever expected! Follow my blog and find out!

See you on the other side xxxxxxx


About Katie Bushell

32 year old primary school teaching travel monster, combining all things I love by setting up an education project in Nkhata Bay, Malawi.
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4 Responses to Not long now!

  1. kingfelix says:

    Best of luck, Katie. Jason

  2. Julia says:

    Tryed to leave a comment from my phone last night… guessing that it didn’t work!
    Anyway! This is fantastic….can’t wait to hear what you get up to. xxxxx

  3. Helena says:

    Good luck hun, I know your going to have a boss time.

    I’m so very very jealous of you, what area are you going to? If your spending 4 months at the lake I don’t think we can be friends anymore.


  4. Jess the mess says:

    Aw mate it sounds epid, a dream! I did one of those World Challenge things at school – glad to hear they’re continuing to do good I was a little dubious about it at the time haha! Love you lots and hope you’re having a super splendid time – much love and hugs from Tokyo xxxx PS rock LoS and give Eddie a big smackeroon for me. x

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